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29 September 2009 @ 03:15 pm
First, let me say thank you to everyone who has offered their prayers and kind thoughts. It’s rather humbling to know that I have made that many friends over the internet. So, from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much. While I haven’t been able to reply to most of them, I have read them all.

For those who may have missed the first update you can find it here: Update #1

Now, I find myself in need of telling those who are interested a second update. As with before, if you are looking for a review of a novel, or something relating to an author this is not the case with this entry.

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11 September 2009 @ 09:49 pm
Greetings Everyone,

I realize I have not posted anything in a rather long time, and I have gotten several emails/messages asking where I have been, if I am okay and what have you. So, I am finally at a place where I am comfortable telling people what is going on.

So, if you are looking for the latest review, this isn’t the update you are looking for. If you don’t care one way or another, this isn’t the blog you are looking for. For those who are interested, or at least a little curious then feel free to read on.

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I know, it has seemed like FOREVER since I last posted a review. For that I apologize, I have good reason - but I won't talk about that now. Lets focus on the positive, I have finished another book and have posted a review for it.

The latest review is for:

Downshadow by Erik Scott de Bie

I think I still like Ghostwalker the most out of his three books, but don't let that take away from the good things in this book. For instance, this book features the best, and I do mean BEST character ever to grace the pages of a Forgotten Realms novel. As always, no spoilers here, but take a look at Chapter 13 and bask in the greatness of that character.

Now, about this book, it's a solid Realms fare novel. Fast paced, great fight scenes and one of the better villians in recent memory. Basically, everything you have come to expect from a novel written by Erik. Have I mentioned the best character ever is in this novel?

I do stand by my statement that WotC needs to give Erik his own trilogy so he can really develop characters and an intricate plotline. Afterall, there is only so much he can do with standalone novels.

No matter though, I tip my glass to you Erik another fine novel and one I enjoyed. Especially for that super-duper bestest character ever!

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15 April 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Ah, I have resurfaced for yet another review.

The latest review is for:

The Third Sign by Gregory A. Wilson.

Who the heck is Gregory A. Wilson you are probably asking yourself. Well, let me answer that for you. He is a first time fantasy author who has some academic work published, but this is his first shot at fantasy. Everyone knows my rule about giving new authors a shot, and this one is no different.

It's not a 'perfect' book, but it's a damn good one. As with most first time (and beyond) authors, there are some flaws - or at least things I would have liked to have seen done differently. But, when all is said and done there is really only one question to ask.

Was I entertained by the book?

The simple answer is yes. All things aside, I enjoyed reading this one and think that there is ample room for exploring with more books/ stories.

This book is not scheduled for release until June 17, 2009, but I highly encourage to put this one on your to-read list.

Beezer's book count: 2 on the month/ 16 on the year.

Next up: Downshadow by Erik Scott de Bie
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02 April 2009 @ 09:55 pm
Ah time for another review. I apologize for the lack of reviews lately, certain things in my life have made it difficult to find the time and motivation to read. I will continue to plug away though. I do fear that this years total may not hit my goal of 70 though. :-(

Onto the review.

The latest review is for:

Starman by Sara Douglass.

This is the third novel in the Wayfarer Redemption series, and fourth novel I have read by Ms. Douglass.

Sadly, I have few good things to say about this book. Almost everything about this book didn't work for me. After the first two books in the sreies Iw as expecting much more. Maybe this is partly a case of my expectations simply being too high, but I don't think that's the case.

Ah well, what do you do but move on to the next book right?

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Ah, another day another review by yours truly.

The latest book to be reviewed is:

Renegade Wizards by Lucien Soulban.

It's the third novel in tThe Anvil of Time series for Dragonlance. It's not a bad book by any means. While there are some good tings though, there are also a few things that I would have liked to see done differently. But, I also understand that is a personal opinion and if someone says they love this book, I could easily see why.

I am curious to see the opinions of others about this book as we get further into things. So, if you have read this one please share your thoughts.

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11 March 2009 @ 09:29 pm
Ah I have been away for awhile dealing with things, but I have not stopped reading... just piling up reviews that need to be posted. So I am going to remedy that right now with three reviews.

The first review is for:

Child of a Dead God by Barb and J.C. Hendee

This is the 6th book in the Noble Dead saga. I have invested a lot of time with this saga and have long recommended the first book in the series, Dhampir. So, when I finished this book, I was deeply disappointed by not only how it ended but by what happened during the novel. The magic that as present in the first 4 books is just gone from this one. I really don't know what else to say.

The second review is:

Blacksent by Michael LaFlamme and Michael Poe

This is a debut novel by two authors and as such is suffers from a few things. As I say in the review though, the bones of the story are good and te authors show some potential. With some refining and a little more work I think the quality of product can improve a great deal.

The third and final review for the night is:

Corsair by Richard Baker

This is book two of the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy. The first book, Swordmage, is the first book written for the Forgotten Realms set in the post-Spellplague era. I was slightly critical of the first books plot, but loved the characters. Well, I still love the characters but this time I really enjoyed the plot too. It's a fun book to read and flows really well. A solid addition to the Realms for sure.

Back to the grindstone I go!

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27 February 2009 @ 05:56 pm
Well, today was the day I as both looking forward to, and not wanting to see arrive at the same time. If you remember, on February 1st I brought home a big bundle of love from the local Humane Society as a foster dog.

Well, after a month, we finally found him a great home. A really nice lady spotted his picture on the internet and drove all the way from Ohio to pick him up. A 12 hour drive for her to get a dog she had never met. Pretty gutsy of her.

I have no doubt that he will make her very happy. In the short month of February Grady suceeded in leaving sevral paw prints on my heart. I have no idea what he went through prior to coming to me, but I do know that while he was here I never had any type of problem with him.

Never a mess in the house, never snapped at anyone, just a complete gentleman. I almost wish he would have been a bad dog because then it would have been easier to let him go. as it was, both Kaja and I were watching out the window as he drove away to his new home, some 12 hours away. I will never get to see him again, and that makes me sad.

Kaja, as it turns out is also a little sad. She hasn't moved much since Grady has left. Here you can see her laying on the toy that seemed to be Grady's favorite.

I am glad I fostered Grady and could offer him more than a 5x5 kennel at the shelter, but after how hard it was to let him go, I am not sure I will ever do it again.

I do wish Grady and his new owner the best though. I hope they have many happy years together and Grady is everything that she hoped he would be. I know his loss will be felt around here for awhile though.
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23 February 2009 @ 07:14 pm
Whew, talk about a busy month! I have barely had time to read, much less write a review. I feel like I am neglecting this. I just have to buckle down and do some more reading to make up for the slowness I have been experiencing.

So, with that I offer you another review.

The latest review is for:

The Walking Flame by Daniel Hylton

This is the second book in the series by a new(er) author. When I read the first novel, I went into it thinking the worst that could happen was I would hate it. I have always said I will give new authors a shot. I have heard that stories of how hard it is to break into the business. When I finished the first novel I was captivated by it. I really, really enjoyed it. Sure, it had a couple 'flaws', but really it was damn good.

So, when the opportunity came to review the second book I bumped it to the top of my to-read list. I wanted to know what happened next. I am happy to say this book doesn't disappoint. I would have done a few things differently, but in the end I think those things boil down to presonal preference. As it stands, I enjoyed this novel quite a bit too.

It always saddens me when I find a book like this, purely because I know it will be overlooked by so many because it is not published under a "big name" publishing house. There are so many quality authors out there that for what ever reason don't go through the big name publishers. That does not take away fromt eh quality of their novels. This is truly one of those diamond in the rough series that I think would be enjoyed by most fantasy fans.

If you are so inclined as to try something new, please give this series a look. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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14 February 2009 @ 06:09 pm
Trying to make up for my slow start to the month here. So here is another review for your reading pleasure.

The latest review is for:

Unholy by Richard Lee Byers

This book is the conclusion to the Haunted Land trilogy, although to be perfectly honest this book didn't seem like a third book. Mostly because of the 100 year jump. *shurgs* I still enjoyed it for the most part. Richard's writing has really grown on me with this trilogy.

If you like undead things, demons, wizards, etc then you will no doubt enjoy this book. Who doesn't enjoy Thay and Szas Tam? That always makes for a good book.

As an aside, I really don't understand people boycotting the new realms novels because of 4th Ed. To me there is a difference between the novels an the role playing aspect yet some combine the two and flip their nose at it. Some of these people shunned it even before all the details were out, and have never even looked at the changes. I have never really understood people's aversion to change.

Ah well, I enjoyed the book and that's really all that matters to me. :-)

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